BY RAY RICO – What is call tracking?

Call tracking is the process of determining how callers found your business. Marketing and sales can use call tracking data to measure the success of campaigns.

Should I use call tracking phone numbers on all my marketing?

As professional marketers, our team is always looking for ways to track and measure our progress on all projects we interact with. The beauty of digital is that it allows you to do so and use the data to direct choices regarding designs, budgeting, demographics, messaging, and other details that drive campaigns.

But what do you do when you advertise with a platform that might not allow for digital analytics? 

Some folks use call tracking numbers, and that can be an excellent idea. When you’re running ads that are, let’s say, in print or on a billboard or even a radio ad, you can use call tracking numbers to get exact data from the campaigns. But should you use these everywhere?

Call Tracking: Our Advice

My simple answer is no.

While tracking numbers are great for helping determine where customers are coming from, they can hurt your brand. For example, if you wish to implement call tracking numbers on platforms that already track data analytics, it doesn’t do justice since you are now tracking double information.

Additionally, with most listing sites, using tracking numbers can confuse consumers. Everyone has the web at their fingertips, so noticing a number change could confuse the user. Also, they may see a tracking number on one listing but use another listing’s tracking number – which defeats the tracking altogether.

The other thing to consider is searching sites, like Google, Yahoo!, and Bing. These sites rely on positive user experiences to enhance your business rankings. When users are confused or see different numbers on your listings or even your website, it can cause issues with indexing since the information doesn’t match exactly.

So my advice on this is to use the digital platforms for analytics and save those tracking numbers for advertising opportunities where you might not have as much data.

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