With an onslaught of anti-LGBTQ legislation in Tennessee, businesses across the state – including Ray Rico Freelance in Memphis – signed a letter urging lawmakers to focus on economic recovery.

Thirty-five corporations and 107 small businesses released an open letter opposing discrimination against LGBTQ Tennesseans. The letter also urges lawmakers to stop pursuing further harmful bills in this legislative session. The letter was organized by the Nashville LGBT Chamber of Commerce with statewide support of businesses.

Owner Ray Rico’s publications, Focus Mid-South and Focus Middle Tennessee, which are for the LGBT community and their allies, also signed the open letter.

In the letter, the businesses write: â€œWe ask that lawmakers not pursue legislation that would target or exclude LGBT people of all ages. We need our workers and their families – including any transgender members of their families – to feel welcome. We urge policymakers to remain committed to the values of innovation and growth that we all share. Any movement of these exclusionary bills is particularly troubling while we are dealing with so many other pressing workforce and economic concerns amidst the COVID-19 crisis.”

Other Tennessee businesses who signed the open letter include Vanderbilt University, Central BBQ and the Cooper-Young Community Association.

Ray Rico Freelance is a certified LGBT Business Enterprise. The principles of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion are what drive the Ray Rico Freelance team. We oppose any discriminatory bills or practices in Tennessee.

Read the 2021 Open Letter here.

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