A friendly wave, a genuine smile, and a simple, “Hello,” go such a long way in today’s fast-paced world.

It’s so easy to be a good neighbor; in fact, being a good neighbor may be the easiest thing in the world to do.

September 28 is National Good Neighbor Day (and NextDoor has declared September as Neighbor Month – more on that in a bit). We’re a part of the Cooper-Young neighborhood in Memphis, and that’s a colorful, proud, friendly neighborhood that we are so proud to be a part of. Being a good neighbor is something we take seriously, not just personally, but professionally as well.

Ray Rico Freelance created these signs to thank frontline workers during the COVID-19 pandemic.

How do you go about being a good neighbor? So much of it is common sense, really, with extra kindness baked in: say hi, smile, offer a kind word. Once this pandemic is over, offer your neighbors some freshly-baked treats or a few veggies from your garden and invite them over for a fun afternoon. Chat about any common ground or ask for advice – puppy play dates, gardening tips, that sort of thing.

But how can a business be a good neighbor? NextDoor has a few tips that are helpful, and many of these tips apply both in-person interactions and on social media:

  • Welcome new neighbors to the neighborhood. Answer any questions they may have and share business expertise (if appropriate).
  • Follow them on social media and interact with them.
  • Keep your own business’ information updated across all platforms. Your neighbors won’t be happy if they have a late-night craving for your best appetizer – but you closed two hours earlier than usual and didn’t tell anyone.
  • Tailor your posts and business offers/discounts to your neighborhood. Do any of your neighbors have dogs? Consider becoming pet-friendly: 10% off if you bring your pooch along. If you’re near a university, consider staying open later to match college students’ busy schedules or offer a student discount. Making your business as diverse and inclusive as possible also helps your customers feel welcome and comfortable.
  • Do your best to respond to customers’ and neighbors’ questions and messages as soon as you can. This gives you a chance to show that you care about your customer and to promote any products that they might be interested in.
Our Focus team is always out and about in the community, too.

Business is built on relationships, so being a good neighbor is truly an important key to success. We may be in Neighbor Month now, but it pays to be a good neighbor year-round.

What qualities do you look for in a good neighbor? How do you try to be a good neighbor in your area?