Digital Media Marketing

Digital Media Marketing 1

Your brand’s online presence is more vital than ever.

Digital Media Marketing 1

From Google reviews to Facebook pages, customers are searching for your business online – and what they find there will influence their purchasing decisions. Team up with our talented crew of digital marketers to ensure that your online presence is strong, up-to-date, creative and accessible.

Our team is fluent in all of the most popular social media platforms and keeps track of trends, new platforms and more.

Social Media Account Audit

Social Media Management and Monitoring

Social Media Influencer Collaborations

Social Media Reporting and Analytics

Increase Social Media Fans, Friends, Likes, Followers & Awareness

Facebook and Instagram Ads Management

Newsletter Marketing

Text Message Marketing

Virtual Events

Reputation Management and Review Response

Google Adwords

LGBT+ Community Outreach

We keep things local and are committed to our community. We thrive on collaboration and partner with local partners like Friends for Life to bring Tri-State Black Pride and Focus Awards.

Latinx Outreach Services

We partner with local groups like MIA, Welcome South, and others who provide free and affordable immigration services to low-income clients.

HIV Care & Prevention Design

In collaboration with St.Jude and local partners, Ray Rico created, a digital resource serving as part of the strategy to end the HIV epidemic.

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