Celebrating 10 Years | 2007-2017

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Ray Rico Freelance was born in November 2007 out of a one-bedroom duplex in Cooper Young. Look at us now!

This year, we celebrate a momentous anniversary. TEN YEARS?! My, where did the time go?! Over the past ten years our company launched, grew with more clients, took a leap and opened an office, then grew some more, then took over more space and doubled the size of the agency. We have had our share of ups and downs, but one thing for certain is that I wouldn’t change a thing. Every experience has molded and shaped our agency and team into the powerhouse we are today.

When I talk about my team with others, I describe how excited I am to have such a diverse group to work with and how awesome they all really are. This success cannot go without thanking you, for you make us who we are. The culture of Ray Rico Freelance and the community we serve is one filled with pride, service, and thoughtfulness. From our agency, to our magazine, Focus Mid-South, we are really out there and doing great things.

Throughout the course of the year, you will see us pop up at events to help spread some cheer and educate you on what Ray Rico Freelance is all about and what we do. We have been here for 10 years and have no plans of going anywhere. Cheers!

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