Celebrating Hispanic Culture with Dia de Los Muertos

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Dia de los Muertos in Mexico

BY RAY RICO – Traditionally, in Hispanic cultures, November 1 and 2 celebrates Dia de Los Muertos. These days are intended to celebrate the dead and honor them by creating shrines, posting photos, adding flowers, and sharing foods and sweets that your former loved one would like to enjoy.

This time last year I had the privilege of attending the NEMA Conference in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico to represent Focus Mid-South and Focus Middle Tennessee. During that time the businesses and local citizens put up several altars, created massive skeletons, and also hosted a parade through the city to celebrate Dia de Los Muertos.

Take a look at some of the creative labors of love that were built to honor the dearly departed.

Here in Memphis is no different. Cazateatro continues to help celebrate our culture by immersing Memphians in the holiday and celebration itself. If you missed the drive-through parade that they hosted last weekend you can see pictures here. Check out their colorful pictorial.

Last year, Cazateatro hosted an altar-building cultural experience at the Crosstown Concourse. Focus Mid-South participated by honoring those trans folks who had lost their lives last year. We created an altar with names, pictures, flowers, pan dulce, and candles.

However you celebrate Dia de Los Muertos, make sure you pay homage to those who have passed. Cherish them by never forgetting their name or their likeness, or the things they loved. It is in that way that their true spirit may live on forever.

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