Over the weekend, Memphis suffered an awful nasty blow from mother nature. It has left many without power and several with significant damage. One of the things that I have noticed through my feeds, though, is how neighborly many of my friends have been. They have opened up and offered their electricity, cool a/c, a warm shower, a place to hang out, wifi, a cup of coffee and other things that we all take for granted when they go missing. Memphis always has a sweet way of pleasantly surprising me.

As a small business owner myself, I understand the importance of being able to be open and manage daily operations. I can also imagine that when businesses have to remain closed because of power or storm damages how it really has a ripple effect. We are in a fortunate scenario though; meaning if we had to work remotely, we could. Others are not in the same boat. Our local small businesses who rely on day-to-day customers are feeling the impact of this recent storm. The employees of these places are also feeling it. They are having to go without a few days of work and that can really impact someone’s pocketbook.

As much as we can, our agency shops local for that very reason. Memphis always finds ways to pull together and support their neighbors. It is more important than ever to please frequent those small businesses and spend your hard earned money with them. These small businesses and their staff are going to rely on us in the coming weeks to help offset this recent weekend’s wake. So I urge you… go ahead and eat the dessert. Indulge and buy the dress. And for once, don’t be so cheap and be a big tipper. It won’t go unappreciated, I assure you.

Support local. Support your neighbors. That is, after all, why Memphis is all heart.