Exploring the ‘Exploratorium’

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The Ray Rico Freelance Team at BVOE.

We all need a break from reality – especially this year – and this month the Ray Rico Freelance team took that break at Baron Von Opperbean’s Exploratorium of Magic, Science and the Multiverse.

Whew! That’s a mouthful!

Baron Von Opperbean’s Exploratorium of Magic, Science and the Multiverse – or BVOE for short – is an art installation at Off the Walls Arts in Memphis. BVOE is the brainchild of artist Christopher Reyes. It’s a plot-based immersive experience that combines recycled items with high-tech lights, sounds and augmented reality to create a colorful, completely unique world. You explore the Exploratorium by walking, crawling, climbing and sliding – or just by sitting back and enjoying the art and scenery.

Check out a gallery of the RRF team at the Exploratorium!

Exploring the 'Exploratorium' 1

We couldn’t resist taking a few Boomerangs, too.

We had a wonderful time exploring, playing and laughing together in a magical and safe setting (yes, masks are required!). It was also an awesome way to break free from our WFH routines.

BVOE runs through October 31, 2020, and is sold out. Sign up for an enewsletter to learn about where BVOE will appear next.

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