Marketing on Leap Day

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Ray Rico Freelance discusses marketing on Leap Day

Leap day only comes once every four years which makes it the perfect opportunity for companies to create specific campaigns on this day to draw in customers. By capitalizing on special holidays, companies are able to create unique brand awareness and increase their online engagement. Unique deals and offers will also increase business – especially since this year it falls on a Saturday. Let’s explore some unique ways you can use to do some marketing on Leap Day. 

Word Play

Leap Day occurs on February 29th every four years. Use the date to inspire special deals such as 29% off, $29 offers, or $2.29 deals. In years past, Urban Outfitters offered a special $29 sale while Krispy Kreme offered a buy one dozen donuts and get a dozen glazed donuts for $2.29 deal. These deals attract current and potential customers.

Leap Day Birthday Special

Offer those with a birthday on leap day an exclusive birthday freebie or deal – after all, it isn’t every year that they can celebrate their birthday! 

Offer a Leap Day freebie

Get customers in the door by offering a freebie. Encourage customers to post their freebie online and tag your company. This freebie could be anything from a sticker to a free fountain drink. Your company will benefit from an increase in foot traffic as well as online mentions. 

Company-Wide Leap Day Marketing

Since Leap Day falls on a Saturday, your business might not actually be at work. Instead, use this as an opportunity to encourage your employees to use a branded hashtag. Ask customers what they want to change in the world with their extra day. Or ask if they are doing something they have always wanted to do with the extra 24 hours. Creating these conversations will build a rapport with your customers and increase your engagement. 

Do you have unique marketing ideas for Leap Day? Share it with us below!

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