FedEx® Small Business Grant Contest

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Dear Friends & Family,

First of all please forgive me for the long email but it is important!

Great news! My grant submission has been accepted and voting has been opened up for Ray Rico Freelance.

As you may know, I have been working on building my freelance business for the past several years. But I have BIG ideas of launching something new and exciting for business, the people of Memphis and the art community as a whole. In May of this year, I began a discovery journey to launch a concept of a creative design collaborative. Some of you may know what I’m referring to. This design coop would be open to members to use the most current Mac products, up-to-date software for an array of fields. From novice beginners, to up-and-coming graphic designers, to photographers, to videographers and even fashion designers. The best software on the best machines available right here in Memphis!

Taking the time to plan out the execution of this plan is taking patience but little by little I have small successes which we must celebrate. This is another!

 It would mean so much to me if I could count on you to vote for Ray Rico Freelance. The grand prize award is $25,000! I could use this seed money to achieve my goal and dream of expanding out of my home office and opening this creative design collaborative sooner.

Voting is open through November 24th and you can vote once per day.  Bookmark this link and vote daily (PLEASE & Thanks… momma taught me manners!)

FedEx® Small Business Grant Contest 1

Thank you in advance for your time.

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