Our Picks for the best 2019 Super Bowl Commercials

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Our Picks for the best 2019 Super Bowl Commercials 1

Frankly, marketing professionals look forward to the Super Bowl for one reason. Over the top, expensive, and entertaining ads. We laughed, cried — looking at you Microsoft, and cringed on Sunday but which ones did we like the best? Do you gravitate towards those with humor, purpose

Here are the top picks from the RRF team:

Ray Rico, Owner:

I liked the Oil of Olay commercial. The concept is a relevant one now. With the popularity of smartphones and facial recognition software, we all experience times when our phones won’t open. Using the #killerskin and scary killer character really pulled the concept together for me. Also, the use of the word “bananas” tickles me.

Randall Sloan, Traffic Manager:

Bud Light Knight/Game of Thrones; Started out as another entry in Bud Light’s medieval-themed campaign, then took a surprisingly dark turn and transitioned into a Game of Thrones promo.

It was an unexpected mashup of two non-related companies (HBO and Anheuser-Busch). It was a fitting end to Bud Light’s now well-worn series of period piece commercials and surely had millions of living rooms talking about the long-awaited GOT finale.

Joan Allison, Senior Graphic Designer:

Call me nostalgic, but I was really drawn into this commercial emotionally when the young man saw his grandfather. When he was brought back to life with the Heimlich maneuver, I laughed out loud. Humor gets me every time!

Christina Comas, Account Executive:

I didn’t watch the Super bowl, but I found a list of all the brands that aired commercials and picked a few to watch. 

I stopped after I watched the Bumble commercial *Chills* Serena Williams empowering women, clear winner here. And how they tied it back to the app “So make the first move, in work, in love, and in life,” brilliant!! 

The spot was produced and directed by an all female team from an agency out of Nashville. Pretty cool. 

Daphne Butler, Graphic Designer:

Christina stole mine! Here’s my next fav.

Michelob Ultra: The Pure Experience
You might go “ho-hum” at first, but as you listen… with no usual commercial music and background sounds, Zoe’s voice going from left and right and the sound of the bottle still pulled me in. You HAVE to listen to it with your headphones on or in stereo. Yep, it was an “Experience.”

Jada Thompson Stewart, Web Developer:

Two favorite characters. Shows that people can change.

Jasmine Wolfe, Digital Media Specialist :

I’m a tech geek so I naturally gravitate towards things that are innovative. What can top Forrest Whittaker garbled toothbrush & Harrison Ford’s dog ordering mountains of dog food?! Let’s not forget “the incident” when an astronaut turns Earth’s electricity on and off! I looked no further.

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