How You Can Customize Print Jobs with Variable Data Printing

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How You Can Customize Print Jobs with Variable Data Printing

Personalization of messages is considered to be the ultimate benefit of direct mail marketing, which is proven to get consistently high conversion rates, strong customer retention, and high return-on-investment (ROI). Direct mail marketing campaigns that are targeted and personalized to match customers’ taste demonstrate better results in the form of qualified leads. One way to enhance the effectiveness of marketing campaigns through personalization is by using Variable-data Printing (VDP) technology.

What is Variable-data Printing?

Variable-data Printing is a type of digital printing, which is used to design and print customized promotional flyers, brochures, and other direct-mail pieces so that each piece looks like as if it has been specifically designed and printed for a particular person.

Variable-data Printing technology considerably improves the effectiveness of communication and increases response rate while reducing overall cost of printing personalized messages.

How Does It Work?

Variable-data Printing is a highly advanced automated process, which prints thousands of distinguishable pieces by changing the graphics and text on each print. In this process, the print engines are linked to databases that contain the content which is to be printed. The content usually consists of images and text in electronic form. Certain rules are defined in the database, which specify which elements will be used and how they will be placed.

During the printing process, various computer applications take content present in the database and integrate the content into a printed document according to the rules. VDP can also generate unique charts and graphs using mathematical data stored in the database.

How to Customize Print Jobs with VDP?

Variable-data Printing rearranges static graphics and text, and personalizes them for each recipient. Customization can be simple or complex, from changing recipient’s name in salutation to using historical data for creating targeted message for a particular customer.

We are sharing some simple tips through which you can customize your prints and appeal your customers by creating attention-grabbing documents.

Create Unique Greetings with the Recipient’s Name

The sweetest sound to any person is the sound of their own name. Customize your promotional flyers and direct-mail with the recipient’s name and surprise them with your thoughtfulness and consideration.

Add Images Based on Customer’s Previous Purchases

If you are sending a message to an existing customer, you may customize it with images of related products that they have purchased in the past. Google analytics and other tracking tools can help you in creating customized messages for prospective customers.

Add Some Fresh and Exciting Colors

It is better to add your corporate color theme rather than going with the regular black and white printing. Colors can be customized on the basis of your customers’ preferences and demographics as well.


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