Embracing the Future: A Positive Outlook for Memphis in 2024

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New Leadership, New Vision

In 2024, Memphis stands on the brink of positive change with fresh city leadership at the helm. A new mayor and a majority woman led council. As a small business owner in the heart of this vibrant city, the anticipation for a new vision is encouraging. Having weathered numerous shifts since our agency’s establishment in 2007, we understand that progress comes with hard work and dedication.

Reflecting Diversity in Digital Strategies

As a digital marketing agency representing Latinx and LGBTQ+ communities, we’ve seen firsthand the power of diversity in shaping effective digital strategies. Our commitment to inclusivity extends beyond our campaigns, reflecting our belief that embracing diversity is not just a goal but a responsibility.

Partnering for Positive Impact

Collaboration is key to fostering positive change. Our partnership with the Shelby County Sheriff’s Office in a new recruitment campaign reflects our dedication to making a difference on a local level. Other projects like working city-wide with St. Jude and over 50 collaborative partners, we aim to reduce new HIV transmissions by 90% by 2030, contributing to a healthier and safer Memphis. We continue to build strategies for regional and national efforts establishing ourselves as change makers. 

Nurturing an Affirming Community

Leading and managing Focus LGBT Magazine allows us to foster an affirming environment for our LGBTQ+ family and their allies. We recognize the ongoing work needed to create a more inclusive society and are grateful for the opportunities to contribute to a vision of greatness for our city, county, and region.

A Cheers to 2024

Amidst the challenges and opportunities, 2024 holds the promise of a brighter future for Memphis. With our dedication and a commitment to positive change, we look forward to the year ahead and the possibilities it brings. Here’s to a thriving Memphis and the greatness that lies ahead!

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