The Superbowl is one of the most-watched television broadcasts in the United States making advertising extremely important. When the first Super Bowl aired in 1967, thirty-second commercials cost brands anywhere between $37,500 to $42,500. This year’s cost? 5.6 million for a mere thirty seconds on air. It’s surprising how much information brands can convey within their time slots. With that being said, check out some of the Ray Rico Freelance team’s thoughts on their favorite (or least favorite) Super Bowl commercials. 

Randall– None of the Super Bowl commercials did it for me. I do want some pretzel pop tarts now, so I guess they got me. I’d like to add that the Dorritos Old Town Road commercial was a funny bit. That’s all a brand like that needs to do sometimes. You already know what they taste like, they just put out an entertaining commercial to keep their name in the conversation. Sam Elliot’s dancing mustache and Lil Nas X’s dancing horse for the win.

Leila- The common theme among them is that they all made me laugh, with a sprinkle of nostalgia or familiarity of some sort. Actually they all used a famous person! Rocket Mortgage, Cheetos, Doritos, Alexa, Jeep. 

Daphne – All of this year’s Super Bowl commercials were like “eeeeeeeh” but I liked the Pop-Tart one because of retro feel mixed with modern. (still wanna know why they “killed off” Mr. Peanut!!!) 😂😜

Joan – I really loved the Google Assistant ad, Loretta, because it was based on a true story! I also really like New York Life’s ad about the Greek words for love. I guess love between older people ruled the day.

Jasmine – The Amazon Alexa was my favorite commercial! From Ellen & her wife to the circle of life sequence where the dove was eaten by the owl who was then eaten by a dragon, it was hilariously entertaining. I also liked how the characters in each scene were named some iteration of Alexa. 

Taylor – My favorite Super Bowl Commerical this year was from Google promoting its services. I found that the overall tone was beyond sweet! I never knew Google had that capability until this commercial which I think its’ services could be very beneficial to multiple users. Overall, this one was definitely a tear-jerker!