Here at Ray Rico Freelance, we wanted to celebrate Valentine’s Day by reminiscing on why we love our jobs! We hope you have a lovely day and remember to spread the love with all your friends.

Ray – I love that every day is a new adventure. We have a diverse team at Ray Rico Freelance and an array of clients which makes work much more interesting and fulfilling to me.

Leila – I love that we help fellow local businesses in Memphis differentiate themselves through branding and advertising. I love the small/local business brand that we have as well as our creative capabilities. I also love Rico. This ties in with the small/local, but it is nice to have a boss where we aren’t just an employee number and we all are given the opportunity to voice our concerns, thoughts & praises.

Randall – I love working in Cooper-Young and helping local businesses grow because it feels like I am part of a community, not just a company.

Joan – I really love writing, editing and producing our agency’s print and online publication, Focus Mid-South Magazine. It’s geared towards the LGBTQ+ community and allies. Working on the magazine gives me the ability to reach people in our region — and around the globe — and to empower them to take a stand for equality.

Daphne – I love my job! I do! I do! I love how I work more “personal” with clients here than when I was at a larger company. I also love how this job has challenged me more in my graphic skills that can be shared in my work.

Jasmine – I love helping people so being able to impact our client’s businesses, as well as their customers’ experience with the business, in a beneficial way is always very satisfying for me. 

Taylor – I love that I get to work with local businesses around Memphis and make an impact on the community! I also love the creativity I get to use at my job.

Happy Valentine’s Day from the team of Ray Rico Freelance!