Workaversary: Daphne Butler

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Daphne Butler

Daphne Butler makes Ray Rico Freelance look good. Daphne is our Art Director, and she creates wonderfully eye-catching logos, graphics and other designs for the agency and our clients.

Need proof of Daphne’s awesomeness? Well, check out a few of the awesome designs and logos she’s created: RRF’s inspirational quotes, D.R.U.S. Bar logo, Man Up logo, Blues City Kayaks logo and so much more.

Today we’re celebrating her workaversary (work anniversary) – she’s been with Ray Rico Freelance for eight years – with graphic designs, videos and gifs we made that show why she’s the best graphic designer out of all of us!

Happy Workaversary, Daphne!

I have worked with Daphne for years before she came to work with me at the Commercial Appeal. We have shared a long history of camaraderie together and have been great work partners. She is a huge asset to our company and has rightfully so earned her keep with her role with us. Today, I celebrate Daphne Butler and her commitment to our team, dedication to her work, and passion for her creativity. – Ray Rico, owner

Workaversary: Daphne Butler 1

Daphne is a talented designer and a very hard worker. She’s great at adding a little something something to a design, even when there’s nothing nothing to work with! We’ve known each other for years as co-workers, and I’m happy to call her my friend as well. – Joan Allison, Creative Director

Workaversary: Daphne Butler 2

Daphne is such a pro. She’s always ready to tackle a design challenge. I can’t imagine us succeeding without her knowledge and creativity. Three cheers for the queen of all fonts! Hope she likes my sweet MS 3D Paint graphic. – Randall Sloan, Traffic Manager

Workaversary: Daphne Butler 3

Daphne goes above and beyond. She exceeds clients’ expectations, finding creative solutions that speak to their project needs. She is a true team player and always brings a joyful positive attitude to the table. – Elizabeth McDonnell, Account Executive

Workaversary: Daphne Butler 4

Daphne is a delight. I enjoy working with her because she’s fun, endlessly creative and talented, and she always creates the most compelling designs. I can give her the smallest idea, and she runs with it and makes it 10 times better than I imagined. love being her team mate! – Sheena Barnett, Digital Media Specialist

Workaversary: Daphne Butler 5

Don’t be fooled by her quiet demeanor. Daphne is always brewing up the most creative of ideas behind that innocent smile! She quickly became one of my favorites for her efficiency, creativity, & humor. From magazine ads to logos to wedding invitations (thank you!), Ms. Daphne can do it ALL and then some! Congrats to 8 years!! – Leila Hinkle, Finance Manager

Thank you for everything you do, Daphne!

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