Workaversary: Randall Sloan

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Randall Sloan

Randall Sloan knows how much work we do at Ray Rico Freelance. He’s our Traffic Manager, and he keeps close tabs on our projects, to-do lists, assignments, and files. That being said, he doesn’t know we’re taking time out of our busy schedules today to celebrate his workaversary (work anniversary).

Well, he knows now.

Today marks Randall’s fifth year at Ray Rico Freelance. Each day, we all rely on Randall to keep us on track, to keep things rolling along as efficiently as possible and to keep us organized. Randall keeps up with the agency’s big picture while focusing on the little details, too.

In celebration of Randall’s workaversary, the team wanted to share a few words of appreciation.

Randall and Family
Randall and his family

Thank you, Randall…

“Randall is a true leader and helps coach our team (and me) regularly and always holds our values to high standards. Our team wouldn’t be who we are without him.” – Ray Rico, owner

“Randall is remarkable. Talk about herding cats! Even with his huge array of daily tasks and people management, he handles them (and us) with ease. We couldn’t have asked for a more capable person to fill the position. Congratulations, Randall, on your anniversary with Ray Rico Freelance.” – Joan Allison, Creative Director

“Haaaappy Anniversary, Randall! Thank you so much for being a part of Ray Rico Freelance as our ‘Commanding Officer’ and keeping jobs (and us) in line. We deeply appreciate you!” – Daphne Butler, Art Director

“Randall is a stellar teammate. I enjoy working with him and appreciate his insight.” – Elizabeth McDonnell, Account Executive

Randall and his RRF teammates at the BVOE art installation.
Randall (center, standing) with Ray Rico Freelance team members.

“Randall is a great asset to the Ray Rico Freelance team! He brings balance and makes sure that it’s not all work – that we have team down time as well. I appreciate the time he puts into making sure we are all moving forward.” – Leila Hinkle, Finance Manager

“Working from home threw everyone for a loop in 2020. Randall makes sure we are all working from home as efficiently as possible, and always with a smile on his face. Thanks for keeping us on track, and happy workaversary, Randall!” – Sheena Barnett, Digital Media Specialist

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